Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.59.44 AMTo provide a collaborative discussion platform for Government, Business, Education and Civil Society, the CDF will be facilitating a MINDHIVE.

The event will focus on the e-Learning and e-Teaching programme of the Western Cape Government. The success of a programme of this magnitude depends on multi-stakeholder collaboration; speakers from industry and government will form an essential part of the line-up for the day. They will be followed by facilitated discussions to meet the event’s aim of providing a platform for the joint formulation of a the best mechanisms for collaborative partnerships between government, businesses and citizenry.

Topics for discussion will encompass how to get involved in leveraging the use of the internet connectivity and smart devices inside and beyond the classroom, the aggregation of e-Learning, change management required to facilitate the easy uptake of e-Learning and e-Teaching in schools and the incorporation of aggregated data into procedure and policy making by decision makers in business, government, education and civil society.

Watch this space.