The CDF is about putting connections together.  And it is keenly interested in enabling working digital ecosystems. In the case of Factreton Primary School, the school had been donated a pop-up digital classroom, but this classroom had not since been utilized to its full potential.  In mid-2017, the CDF set about digging a little deeper with the help of Factreton Principal, Mr P.J. McEvoy, to understand why the pop-up classroom is not being utilised as it should.

“We have found that the main barrier to usage is the lack of relevant content,” says Emma Kaye, Executive Director of the CDF.  “The school needs to have access to the curriculum and to familiar books in a digital format, in an environment where learners are digitally enabled. To this end we have facilitated a partnership between Factreton Primary School and Snapplify to provide both relevant digital content and teacher training.”

Factreton PS Pop-Up classroom - Cape Digital Foundation Factreton PS interview - Cape Digital Foundation

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Snapplify is a leading content distribution platform and the largest eBook aggregators in Africa, with more than 250 leading publishers’ content, more than 100 000 aggregated titles, and over 600 resellers and online stores. The organisation works closely with publishers Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Oxford University, Pearson and others to aggregate their eBooks within established distribution channels.

On Friday 9 June, Snapplify’s Edtech Teacher, Stephen Bestbier, met with the teacher body at Factreton Primary School in the first step towards introducing and equipping the school with Snapplify’s content platform.

“Snapplify believes that the use of technology in the classroom is the future,” says Stephen. “It is important to understand that we do not believe that technology is going to make all South Africa’s educational challenges go away. Technology is a tool that we can add to our toolbox to enhance the experience learners have in the classroom and to help empower teachers to take learning to the next level.  I am excited to assist in digitally empowering a school like Factreton that is a pillar in their community.

Snapplify teacher Stephen Bestbier - Cape Digital Foundation Snapplify class2- Cape Digital Foundation Snapplify class - Cape Digital Foundation


Snapplify offers a suite of e-learning solutions that are compatible across platforms including Microsoft, iOS and Android, and so are accessible by computer, tablet or smart phone. These include:

The Reader App
The Reader App provides access to various digital textbooks in an interactive manner that allows teachers to attach sound, video or ePublications, and where notes and highlights can be added by teachers or learners as they engage with the material.
Snapplify ReaderApp Icon - Cape Digital Foundation
The library
This digital library brings the conventional school library into the digital age, with access to more than 76000 titles that can be checked out electronically, and are automatically checked back in without needing policing or the worry of wear and tear to books.
Snapplify Library Icon - Cape Digital Foundation
The Resource Cloud
Teachers can upload various classroom resources to the Resource Cloud.  They can take a class through a section of work and set homework that enables learners to explore and engage with the material at home, followed by teacher-facilitation in areas in which the learner is stuck.  The Resource Cloud enables real learning to take place at home and caters for all learning styles – visual, audio and kinaesthetic.
Snapplify ResourceCloud Icon - Cape Digital Foundation
Revise allows teachers to check if learners know their work, providing multiple choice quizzes that are immediately self-marking.
Snaplify Revise Icon - Cape Digital Foundation
Snappbox is an offline content distribution platform that allows all relevant content to sit on the school network so that content is accessible, without having to be online, and which downloads instantly to school and learner devices.
Snaplify Snappbox Icon - Cape Digital Foundation
School Store
School Store is the space where learners gain access to content and CAPS approved textbooks, and students can buy books, educational content and apps from the school.
Snaplify SchoolStore Icon - Cape Digital Foundation
The Engage App Store is a convenient way for schools to purchase and manage educational apps in the school system, offering one platform for all learners to login and download education-based applications for revision, quizzes and learning tools.
Snaplify Engage Icon - Cape Digital Foundation
Insights offers analytics on learner activity, such as when they open their textbooks and for how long.  It gives teachers valuable insight into learners’ lifestyles and how they engage with school work at home.
Snaplify Insights Icon - Cape Digital Foundation

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